Wednesday, January 16, 2008

UFO and wall quilts

I take a monthly class where we are given different craft challenges. The challenge is to take the kit that is given to us and make something from it. This is where one’s imagination comes into play.
For this months challenge we was given a jar of paint and a piece of Tyvek and told to make something with it.
This is mine. I call it “It came from space”. With all the UFO’s sightings being reported on the news I thought this would fit in. I painted a canvas board and glued the Tyvek to it.
I also made a small wall quilt with another kit. This one had metallic paint and a scrap of black fabric. I love leaves and used some of my rubber stamps to stamp on fabric with the paint.
The charm I sewed to bottom of quilt is from a seller on etsy,

The other quilt I call “Ladybug”. I made a tiny ladybug from fabric and sewed it to quilt.
The ladybug is about ¼” and takes some time to make these as they are so tiny and the fabric is hard to hold.