Monday, May 5, 2008

Old man winter is out of here

Since old man winter seems to have lifted it's hold I have been doing a lot of bird watching and local site seeing. Came across this old log house that was about to fall down the hill. Also the rock buiding may have been a root cellar. The way the rocks was piled on top of each other was very artistic.

Ring neck pheseant in a field. Such a beautiful bird. Introduced to North America from China in the 1800's. Picture taken at Lee Metcalf wildlife Refuge.

Came across this garter snake lying on the path. He was reluctant to move. When I seen a group of people coming with dogs, I stomped my foot on the pavement and he crawled off into the grass. He was about two feet long. It would have been nice if the kids in the group could have seen snake. Since so many people are afraid of them and they had dogs, I thought it best if he went on his way.