Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kootenai Falls or let me just die

Yesterday we drove 4 hours for a soccer game to Libby, Montana and the temperature was 93*. Not suppose to be that hot here in Montana.
After we left the games we stopped with some of the parents and about 10 kids at Kootenai Falls.

The walk back to falls and swinging bridge was suppose to be a short walk. But with temps in the 90’s and walking down narrow trails going down hill, the walk seemed to go on and on and on.
We crossed a bridge going over the rail road tracks with about 4 sets of stairs on each side of bridge and time I got to other side, I thought let me just die here, but my daughter would not let me. Finally we got to the falls and the river was raging with mountain snow melts.
After a brief look at falls and no kids falling in water we made our way to the swinging bridge.
By time I got there, I was hot , sweating, thirsty, and I thought my heart would beat out of my chest.
I was breathing like a horse that had just raced in the Kentucky Derby.
If my daughter had left me there I think I would have just died right there.
The kids went across the swinging bridge and seemed to have a good time.
I looked at those millions of stairs going up to bridge and decided that I had rather rest on a nice rock than cross that bridge.
After some time kids came back across, ready to climb back up that long hill (mountain) to me.
When we got to bridge going across rail road track, one man had lain down in grass to rest. I really wanted to join him but my daughter said she would carry me on her back up steps. ( great daughter).
I told her I can make it. I believe the steps had multiplied from the first time we had crossed them There seemed to be more of them than the first time.
I have decided either I am to old or out of shape for all these mountain trips. I think it is a little of both.
All in all we had a good time that day and I would do it again, but without the heat.
And a good bottle of whiskey.