Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pictures and quilts

About 25 + years ago I made my first quilt. Over the years I have made a lot of quilts. After quilts started to pile up with no place to keep them, I started to sell at a local quilt shop and a gallery that sold only hand made items. I also gave my family quilts over the years. Baby, lap and queen quilts. Many I have forgot what they looked like. When I started to make quilts I did not take many pictures of the ones that I made.
With the older cameras I had to take my roll of film to a store where they sent your film off. After impatiently waiting for a week my pictures finally came back. Such disappointment, most of my pictures where either to light, blurred or to dark.
I remember one time trying to submit some of my wood craft designs to a magazine, I took about 12 rolls of film before I finally got one picture right to send in.
When I discovered the digital camera I thought I was in heaven. I bought a cheap inexpensive one at first to see how I would like it. O, yes! I liked. I could take all the pictures I wanted and print them out on my computer. If I don’t like the way my pictures look I just take more. No more wasted rolls of film and having to wait to see what my pictures look like. I am still learning to take decent pictures but I am getting better. Now just need to learn to take good pictures of my quilts.