Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fabric collage quilts

I have been making small art quilts in the past few days.
It has been some time since I have made any of these as I have been working on larger quilts.
To take a break from a large quilt, I feel the need to go smaller.
I love these small pieces framed. They can be hung in a small area that calls for a small work of art.
I never know what I am going to make when I start. Sometimes an idea will pop in my head before I get out of bed in the morning.
Morning is the best time for me to think. My mind is refreshed from the worries of the day, at least most times it is.
I first choose my picture and then I look for fabrics that go with the picture.
I lay everything out on a table and start adding different things to get an idea of what my quilt or art piece is going to look like.
Sometimes I will leave quilt over night if everything is not coming together right.
At times I have had a quilt to go together perfect the first time and other times yuck!!
If I am not happy with a piece that I am working on , I take it back a part and reuse the fabrics in something else.