Monday, January 5, 2009

Mounting small quilts on foam board

I like to mount a few of my smaller quilts on foam board. I like the looks that it gives to them. Here are directions of how I do it. Very easy to do.
Supplies : Your quilt Foam board: these come in all different colors Sharp tool, I use an ice pick Thread. I used cotton Needle Paper. 2 sheets Glue stick Large rotary cutter. Ruler Acrylic paint. Optional. Paint brush
I had black and white foam but did not like the looks of either with my quilt. I used the white foam and decided to cover it with paper the color I wanted. Using your ruler and rotary blade cut your foam board to the size that you want behind your quilt. I left 1” on each side of quilt. I have a large box of assorted papers for using in mixed media collage. I picked a brown that I thought looked good behind my quilt. Tear your paper into strips and start gluing on foam board. Use a roller are your hand to make sure you get all the air bubbles out from underneath papers.
Did you know that if you tear paper up you will have a white edge and if you tear paper down no white edge. I like the white edge look.
This is how my board looked before I trimmed the papers even to board using my rotary cutter and ruler.
I also used paint to give edges of foam an antique look. I painted edges of foam board with paint, use a thin brush. You may get a little paint on back of board but that is ok.
This is the tricky part. Lay quilt on foam board and mark for holes. Do this for each corner of quilt at top. I also like to stitch the bottom of quilt in middle. Use your ice pick are sharp tool to punch two holes in board. I then take a threaded needle and starting from back of foam board come through one of the holes to front and stitch quilt. Take needle to the back and tie off. I put my quilt a little off to the side of my foam board as I liked it that way. My finished quilt. Ready to be hung on wall. These can also be framed.