Tuesday, June 24, 2008

1974 Aloha camper

My husband bought a 1964 Aloha Shasta compact trailer today. Camper had been used as a hunting camper and you can still smell dog odor in it. The price was very cheap, cheap, cheap.
My son and husband are going to use it on weekend prospecting trips .
They go into areas that have black bears and possible grizzly bears and did not like sleeping in a tent. Outside of camper needs a good painting.

I tried to get pictures before my son and husband gutted it but was to late.
The carpet was so dirty and smelly and it was hard to tell what the original color was.
This picture shows my husband mopping the floors after taking carpet out. You can see how dirty it is, after only just a small bit of mopping. Floor had nice vinyl floor and most likely the original.

This is my son vacuum the dirt out, he had earlier taken out an old frig that does not work. They plan to take this cabinet out and make bedding area a little larger.
There is one small leak in corner that can be fixed.
After we paint, put in new curtains, new bedding and a portable toilet camper should be ready to go.

I believe these are the original curtains. They are in very bad condition. Cute fabric when they was new, have little hula girls on them. I will make new curtains but without the hula girls. Maybe flowers, I think they would like that.