Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trip to Merrill Falls

My daughter, her family, my son , husband and I went to Merrill Falls in Seeley Lake, Montana for a fourth of July outing. We passed fields of beautiful bear grass blooming. Yes, bear grass is ate by bears and this part of Montana has grizzly bears. Lucky for us we did not meet nor see any. My son-in-law carried his pepper spray. We kidded him that if he had to use it would he have it pointed toward the bear are spray himself!
We finally made it to the falls after two hours of walking. Falls are beautiful and well worth the walk. Sun was over head so could not get a good photo of falls. There was a dipper that kept flying down in the water and then back up on the bank of falls. Falls are 100 feet tall and water cascades off rocks. There is moss growing on rocks that adds to its beauty. We passed two lakes on the way in and there were lots of ducks swimming around on them.
The only blight was someone forgot their empty water bottles. If you can carry a full water bottle in you can surely carry an empty water bottle back out. Please don't pollute!
If you want a beautiful place to hike and bird watch.