Saturday, February 6, 2010

How to make a clay pot soldier

This is probably an old pattern and I am sure there are lots of them listed on the web. Most of us do not make things like this but it was a lot of fun. Also had good food to eat.

Several of my friends and I got together today and made these cute little soldiers. You start out with a clay pot in what ever size you want. Size can be from a 2” pot to a 6” pot.

Some of the girls are going to make larger solders to set on their porch.

We started out with the 2” posts and some had 1” pots.

You will need a ceramic glue for gluing the pots together. Ask for this glue at Jo-Ann’s or Michael’s. I do not know name of glue as one of the girls glued my pots before class.

Acrylic paint, cheap paint will do. You will need black, red, blue and white.

Paint brushes. Gold ribbon braid, white felt fabric to cut out hands, black ribbon for belt.

You can add anything that you want to make solder your own. Lots of paper towels and water to clean up.

Start at top and draw on eyes, mouth, and nose. Paint eyes with black paint. Dot 2 little dots onto eye for the sparkle in his eye. For the nose and mouth I used a thin pen.

You can paint a mustache or put red cheeks on.

Paint the hat black. Paint chin strips on.

Paint his shirt red, pants blue. Add gold buttons to front of shirt with paint are gold paper.

Free cut the hands and collar from felt. Glue on.

Glue belt on and glue a gold ribbon down each side of leg.

These was so easy to make. A few of the girls want to make larger pot people in different themes and seasons for their porch.