Monday, November 5, 2007

100 aceo and counting

I started some time back making an aceo a day. My goal is to make 100 new ones.
What am I going to do with them? Put most of them on my etsy site and a few in an art show next month.
I like seeing all the different things that you can put in jars. I am going to see how many things I can put in aceo jar cards.
A few years ago there was a quilt pattern with bugs in a jar. I never did get one made but have always admired them.
You can see most of these on my etsy site for sell.


Debi! said...

Love your Animals in jars!!! LOL!

Keep creating! Hugs... me!(dmriceart!)

Cathy said...

wow - an ACEO a day - that's a lot of hard work. Love the concept of things in jars! i imagine that with a little imagination you can put anything in a jar :)