Saturday, April 12, 2008

Snow Geese

I took these pictures of snow geese that had flown into the Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge.
There was about 30 of them and they all made their way on shore to feed except for three.
It seemed that these three was timid or had been spooked before on land. Perhaps a fox or hawk chased them.

After a few minutes a car drove by on the road and scared them off.
The second picture shows them in flight and the third picture shows them landing.
There was a beautiful reflection in the water as they was landing.


GracieBird said...

Lovely photos!

Diana said...

Beautiful! I love birds and swans are one of my favorites :) Great pics

Debi! said...

Wow! Fantastic catch with your camera!

Love this one!

Tara said...

Beautiful pictures!