Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Decorating wood and cigar boxes

I was given three wood boxes of different sizes. One held cigars, one held peanuts and the other a mystery.
I decorated two of them. I painted both boxes acrylic paints inside and out side. On the pink box I used vintage pictures printed on papers with flowers, and butterfly’s. I made book marks for the inside.
The blue box I decorated with oriental pictures on all four sides of box. I made bookmarks, cards and found objects to place inside.
I have not decorated the cigar box yet and probably decorate with different wild animal pictures. I will do a demo on a later Blog how to decorate a box.


Hobbies said...

Nice ideas in decorating with such boxes. Hope you come out with more ideas. Good Luck.

Five Star Dime said...

The boxes look beautiful! Cant wait to see how you decorated the cigar box! Good luck.