Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting accident prone!

In the past two weeks I have had more accidents. I usually am not accident prone but now I am wondering. First I was walking down my front steps and stepped wrong and twisted my ankle. So hobbled around for a week. Second I was putting my cat on my bed and his back claws scratched my arm. A few days later I was helping my cat get in the window and his back claws scratched my arm again. Now I have two lovely scratches side by side on my arm. Two days ago I was picking up a heavy box and it tipped and made a big cut on my arm. Today I was cutting fabric for a quilt and my rotary cutting slipped and almost cut off finger tip. Luckily I did not have to go to doctor. I bought one of the handle thingies that you put on your rulers when you are cutting fabric and forget to use it. After today I will use it, no more cut fingers. Here is a picture of my cat, he does not like his picture took. He is setting on his blanket getting ready to take a nap. He looks mad but is very sweet. Going to make oatmeal cookies. Hope I don’t burn my hand off.


Anonymous said...

Laughed while reading your blog hope you didn't have any more accidents.

Holly Joy said...

What a GORGEOUS cat! I grew up with Siamese cats....gorgeous!
Please be careful baking!

Pinkfink said...

Oh my gosh this cat looks exactly like our Jazz! Too sweet :-)