Thursday, February 11, 2010

Siamese cat and his toys

Here are new pictures of my Kitty Cat. First picture shows him setting on his scratch post. His favorite toy to play with... is a rope. He also likes to hide under a chair while I toss rope to him. I will slowly pull rope out... and he will grab rope... and hold onto it. Maybe pretending it is a snake! He has lots of toys... that I made and bought... but he likes this one simple toy the best. Notice those claws! Second picture... is him setting on back of couch... waitng for my daughter to come in door. Kitty cat sets and waits... on her to come in at same time each day. I don't know who taught him to tell time! He comes and gets me up... at the same time each morning. I get up, feed him and then he goes back to bed. No, I do not go back to bed... by then I am wide awake. Kitty Cat was a stray... that took up at my house. I could not find who he belonged to . Kitty Cat is a wonderful pet... and I am glad that he found us. He was full of worms ... and so skinny that you could see his back bones. I don't think he would have survived much longer outside. We think he jumped out of a car... and the owners could not catch him. He does not like loud noises... and we believe something scared him and he ran. He was used to riding in a car. Now only time he gets in car is to go to vets. He seemed to be well taken care of. We could tell he was used to having his claws cut and his ears cleaned. Did not have fleas, which is very unusual. Guess he was so skinny... from not knowing how to hunt. Now he stays indoors... and does not go outside. So he has a good life now. At least we think so.


button said...

What a sweetie! So cute!
:o) button

Michelle said...

You really gave him a second chance at life. He's such a beautiful cat and I'm sure he's thankful to have found such a loving home :-)
-Michelle of CreativeCritters