Friday, July 30, 2010

Grandmother's flower garden quilt

I am working on a grandmother's flower garden quilt. I have a friend that has made several over the past years and decided I need to make one. This pattern is a little different than the usually quilt. How long will it take me to make? I have no idea! I like to make quilts by hand but they do take a long time to make. I still sew a lot of my quilts on my sewing machine. With the economy the way it is and so many people out of work I have not been selling to many quilts so have cut back on making them this year. Have been amking doll quilts and table runners. I did buy a pack of wool batting to make a quilt for my husband and my bed for the winter. Have not decided what pattern I want to use. Really need to get started on that. I will have this quilt machine quilted. This has been a very busy summer and I cannot believe it is almost over with. Planted a garden to can and freeze a little food but cold weather got most of crop. I did manage to can a few things. Need to make more cherry preserves. What I made last year is all gone. Someone in the family liked it. Have been doing a little traveling with family seeing local places close to home.

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