Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin bread saved my life

I was eating lunch with four friends today at the senior center. This elderly man ask if he could sit down with us beautiful ladies. Of course, we said “yes“.

He got to telling us a short history of his life. His wife had died and he was alone in this big house by his self. He had been thinking about killing his self.

He then told us that he started to talk to God.

He ask God “ what can I do with my life”? God answered him and said “make pumpkin bread”

He started making pumpkin bread and would either give it away to anyone that had know money or sold it for $3.00. He then used the money to make more pumpkin bread,

He then ask us if we wanted male or female bread?

None of us did not know how to answer him, “ so I finally said “what do you mean male or female?’. Of course our minds was heading to the gutter.

He said “ if it has nuts it is male, if bread does not have nuts then it is female. We all had a great laugh this day.

We never know when we meet a stranger what they can contribute to each of our lives.

Now every time I eat pumpkin bread I will always think how pumpkin bread saved a mans life.


Scarlett Burroughs said...

Love your story. Wonderfully heartwarming and funny too.

denise hodge said...

Love the story Betty. Love you guys.