Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day Heroes.

I made this card yesterday in memory of our military. It is made with vintage drawings from WW II. Every year I buy a red poppy and usually put them in a jar in the house. Over the years I have lost them are the kids played with them and now they are gone. Two years ago I started to put them on the visor of my car. I now have two. I like looking at them in remembrance of our brave men and women when I pull down my sun visor and see the beautiful red poppies. I got the habit of buying Memorial Day poppies from my grandmother and parents who always bought a poppy each year when I was growing up. My grandmother would wear hers proudly on her dress for several days. I heard many stories about WWI and WWII and hope that one day our children will not have to hear stories of wars are even have to be in them. A beautiful poem by Moina Michael, “We cherish too, The Poppy red. That grows on fields where valor led. It seems to signal to the sky. That blood of heroes never die“.

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Anonymous said...

how lovely, we all should be proud of our heros who are keeping us free.