Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Story of the lost quilts

I put two quilts on etsy today, click on quilt to be taken to etsy. I made this full quilt last year and had it machine quilted before moving cross country. I put my quilts in large black plastic bags to keep them clean in my move. When I unpacked I found 4 quilts missing. I gave my daughter some large clear bags that was in another black plastic bag. About two months later she called me and said "guess what I found"? She had looked in bag and found this cat quilt. My husband and son then went thorough every black plastic bag in the garage and did not find my other quilts. We finally figured out that they was either taken to the trash or given to a charity in our haste to get packed and move. Moral of story: do not put your quilts in black garbage bags for any reason.

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April said...

I posted the instructions on how to make the 'ditty bag' on my blog (finally) - thanks for asking! :)