Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kaleidoscope quilt blocks

I think the Kaleidoscope quilt blocks makes up so pretty. Each block is different even after being cut from the same fabrics.
The first block I am showing is one square, pick the same corner from each square to be in center. Four squares make up a block.

Sew two blocks together and press seams open. Sew two halves together and press seams open.

Picture showing back of block.

This is finished block after all four sqaures have been sewn together.

I put two new quilt kits on my etsy site using the kaleidoscope design. One design is poppy's and the other tropical.


Field Notes said...

That technique makes a really cool effect. True to its name too. very nice work! Thanks for sharing. My FIL just got into quilting so I've been paying attention :) he *loves* to talk about it.

designsbynana said...

That is a gorgeous color combination. Happy New Years!!!