Sunday, December 16, 2007

My second Christmas

Ok, so this is my second Christmas with my mistress. She let me help wrap gifts.
First I checked out the bows and paper and they passed my approval.
I did not think wrapping gifts was a lot of fun.
Where’s mine?

I hate to tell her but she is not good at wrapping gifts.
Next year I will get her a gift certificate on how to wrap gifts.

This is the lousy tree she bought for me and it only has lights on it. My mistress says , “It has 250 lights and was on sale”. No balls for me to bat around and not even a tree skirt, what is wrong with her?
My favorite part is being able to lie under the wood box that she has tree setting on. I can hide and it is so warm under here. Heck with the lousy tree! I'm going to take a nap. All this gift wrapping has made me tired.


Charlie said...

cuuute cat! she semms very opinionated!

Denise said...

Betty that is so sweet, you let sam help you wrap the gifts. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas.


Cat said...

I think the tree is lovely, maybe though... you could hang just one ball for kitty to bat...

I never got much past the lights on my tree this year - it hand ONE lonely snowflake hanging on it!!

Merry Christmas to you.